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♥ What better way to start the day than to find , that beautiful raconteur of tales of golden liquid love, is also a Tumblr!


Jessica Rox and Anita B in ‘Love Me Tender’ at

Splish splash Anita was taking a bath on She started off alone but was soon joined by Pee Pervert, Jessica Rox. Even though Anita started in the bath, you know she goes going to get even wetter. Jessica offers a towel to entice Anita out of the tub, but can’t stand to see dry skin so decides to give Anita a sexy little piss wash. It doesn’t take Anita long to get the idea of what Jessica wants and returns the pissing favour as she stands over her and lets out a long stream of pee flow. The girls are drenched in their own warm nectar from head to toe and make sure to suck it all up from the clothes and each others bodies and that’s just the start of the pissing action. Head over to where the trailer will leave you begging for more pissing action!

Ahhh, this looks SO familiar! We used to do this in the conductor’s booths on the NYC subway, right in the middle of rush hour :) ♥



Hell yes

Thats how you do it in a Plane :-) ~Wolf

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